From the Clean Kitchen

One Clean Bean Salad

This One Clean Bean Salad will blow your mind!  Yum Yum GOOD. I'm not big on measuring things, and I'm sure I've thrown this salad together a million different ways.  Just play with it.  Have some good clean fun.  :-) This is how you do it: 1 Can Black Beans rinsed 1...

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Clean Eating Pancakes

Out of my quest to eat clean came these yummy, dairy-free, gluten free, downright good Pancakes. They passed the "man" test. You will need a high powered blender such as the Vita-Mix. Guaranteed to start your day clean. Just don't go adding any banana!...

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From Clean Kitchen Lasagna

Who doesn't LOVE a great Lasagna?? Whenever I think of Lasagna I think of Elaine from Seinfeld, sitting on an airplane sarcastically referring to the boring passenger next to her as "Vegetable Lasagna." Funny. That sends to me Steve Martin in My Blue heaven, disgusted...

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