Terms and Conditions

By booking service over the phone or through our online Booking Tool you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Service:



Supplies: We provide all the products and cleaning equipment required to clean your home including our Professional Grade, 4 Stage Filtration Vacuum. We use “as little chemical as possible” to clean your home and our main products are plain dish soap, High Quality Color Coded Microfiber Cloths and good old-fashioned scrub brushes. If you have an aversion to scent, please let us know. For liability reasons, our Teams are not permitted to use customer supplied products and/or equipment without pre-approval from the office. We do not provide trash liners.


Deposits: All deposits are non-refundable. All One Time cleans, Initial cleans and Move in/out cleans require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure service on the schedule. This deposit will be charged to the credit card entered online or given over the phone upon booking and will be applied towards the first service invoice. Deposits can be transferred to a different service day if the reschedule is within 4 weeks and arranged with two full business days’ advance notice. Otherwise, the deposit becomes a cancellation fee; no exceptions.


Promo Codes: The customer may use one discount or promo code per booking. The customer may not use the same discount code twice for the same address (regardless if it is a different date and time) however is allowed to pass the discount code off to friends or family for use. All discount codes are valid until they expire. Discount codes cannot be used with other discount codes, offers, share the love credits, or promotional pricing.


Pests: We do not clean homes with a history of bedbug activity. You agree that there has been no bedbug activity in your home in the last 12 months. We do not clean homes with rodent feces present, or rodent activity. We do not clean homes with insect infestations. If we send a team to your home and the team discovers evidence of pest activity, we will immediately extract the Team and charge you 50% of your budgeted service as well as any cost required to decontaminate our team equipment and vehicle up to $250. When in doubt, don’t book service.


One Time/Initial Cleans: All One Time cleans, Initial cleans, and Move in/out cleans: base rates are timed and billed hourly at the current posted rate of $66 per labor hour.   A Labor Hour is defined as one (1) hour of labor performed by one (1) person. Therefore, a team of 2(two) working for one (1) hour is 2 Labor Hours. The base rate quoted is based on the number of labor hours estimated to complete the work. Because we quote homes sight unseen, your One Time/initial/Move Out/in service could take more or less time than the amount estimated.  Should the team require more than the budgeted time, we will be calling you to advise during the service at the number you provided at time of booking, so please keep your phone on.  If the team requires additional time and we cannot reach you at the number provided, we will assume all additional time is approved.   If the team completes your service in less than the budgeted time, your base rate will be adjusted accordingly. We include the load and unload time in the billable time. If additional time is required, but not approved, the team will exit at the original budgeted time and we will advise of the items not completed.


General Exclusions: Our Teams are not permitted to move refrigerators or ranges, therefore will not clean behind them unless a homeowner can move these items for the team during the service.  The following items are not included in any scope of service: mold remediation, mildew remediation, hard water scale buildup removal, wall washing, taking apart and washing light fixtures, chandeliers, removing and washing window screens, laundry, inside laundry appliances, window tracks, removing windows, washing unfinished concrete floors, hoarding situations,  heavy organizing, sorting, decluttering, scrubbing floor grout, or any item deemed a restoration item.


Flat Rate Recurring Service: Your Recurring Service (after the Initial Clean) is flat rated at a reduced rate based on frequency, ease of scheduling, and the details and rooms quoted. Anything additional, including the cleaning of rooms not originally quoted need to be arranged prior to the service with the office as additional fees will apply.  Your Team is not authorized to deviate from the work order without prior approval from management. If a flat rate service is regularly rescheduled, we reserve the right to deny discounted flat rates as the discounts are established based on the consistency and frequency of service. If  the team is instructed to skip an area that is included in the flat rate, the rate will not be reduced.


Team Assignments: Best effort will be made to schedule the same team on a recurring service, however due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot promise the same team members on each visit.


Health & Safety: For health and safety reasons, our Teams will not move heavy items unless they can be lifted/moved with one hand while vacuuming.   Our Teams are only permitted to clean what they can reach with a two-step step ladder, and a pole duster. Climbing on counters, or customer supplied ladders or stools Is not permitted. We require clean non-marking shoes to be worn by staff at all times when working in your home.  Our Teams are not permitted to clean bodily fluids of any kind. (Urine, feces, vomit, soiled clothing or other similar hazards.) We do not touch litter boxes. We are legally obligated to provide a smoke free work place environment, so please refrain from smoking in the home during your cleaning service.


You agree to let us know if there are any members of your household sick on service day, so that we can reschedule your service and keep everyone healthy. This includes but is not limited to Covid and other forms of influenza. Currently we are not servicing households where persons are symptomatic, in an effort to keep both clients and staff healthy and in line with Public Health recommendations.


We remain committed to being as flexible as possible under these circumstances by rescheduling when possible in an effort to avoid skip rates and cancellation fees, however the Cancellation Policy and Lockout Policy will still apply.


Arrival Times: Due to the unpredictable nature of cleaning, we cannot guarantee our exact time of arrival, unless you are scheduled in the First Spot of the day. We require the flexibility to arrive and depart between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm.  For your convenience we can provide you with an estimated window in which to expect our arrival, however, we reserve the right to arrive earlier or later than the estimated window due to circumstances beyond our control, such as inclement weather, traffic conditions, unforeseen cancellations etc.  Should we arrive for a scheduled service to find we are unable to access your home or turned away at the door; our Lockout Policy will apply. Customized Reminders can be set within your Client Portal.


Weather: Signature Cleaning Services will be unable to service homes that are outside of city limits on any day where Transport Canada has deemed highway travel unsafe due to inclement weather. In the event of Heavy Snow, a SNOW DAY will be called.  In this event, you will be notified by 8:30am via email that we have closed for the day. We have called a snow day only 2 times in the past 5 years. Re-scheduling will be subject to availability.


Cancellation & Skip Fee:  A minimum of ONE FULL business days’ notice is required to cancel or skip a scheduled service. Less than one full business days’ notice is considered a Late Cancellation and a Late Cancellation Fee of $100 will apply. Same day cancellations (anytime after the close of the business day prior) will be considered Lockouts. Skipped recurring service occasions will be billed a $45 Skip Rate to cover the difference in frequency rates. Re-scheduling will be subject to availability.


Lockout Policy: If for any reason the team cannot access the home on the day of the scheduled service, it will be considered a Lockout. Same day cancellations and lockouts will be billed at 100% of the scheduled service rate.


Right of Refusal: Signature Cleaning Services reserves the right to turn down any job for any reason.


Rate Changes: We reserve the right to evaluate rates at any time. In this event, we would contact you to discuss price and service audits.


Tipping: Tipping is neither required, nor expected, but always appreciated.  Tipping is now available through your Job Scorecard that arrives after the job is completed or you can call our office to set up an automated recurring tip. 100% of tips are attributed to the team members assigned to your service and are distributed  bi-weekly. Should you choose to leave a cash tip, we ask that you please leave a note clearly marked “tip”, so our staff is aware they are permitted to take this money.


Payment: Payment is due at the time services are rendered and will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you upon the completion of the service. We accept most major credit cards as payment methods. All billing inquiries should be made to the office and not with the team onsite.


Collections Fee: If your account goes into our collections department it will be charged a $30 collections fee every thirty (30) days in collections. Discount codes are not valid in collections debt and the customer will be expected to pay the full retail amount including any fees that have been added. Any late payments that go past 30 days from the date of the invoice will be placed into collections.


Holidays: Signature Cleaning Services will be closed for business during the following national holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, The Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day.  If your scheduled clean falls on one of these days it will automatically be rescheduled via email.


Quality Control:  We want to be consistently wildly happy with our work, for that reason we want to keep tabs on how you feel we are doing.  For this reason, we send out a quick one click, one question email survey after each service. Use this as your voice! We monitor comments through this tool, as well as calculate quality scores for our teams. We are human, so it is possible that at times we may make mistakes and miss things. You must notify us within 24 hours if, for any reason you are displeased with the quality of the service you received, and we will return and fix it for you.  In addition, we welcome any suggestions you may have to help us improve the quality of our cleaning service. We do not offer refunds for services rendered.


Breakage/Damage: Our teams follow a strict and timely procedure to communicate all breakage/damage with the office immediately so that we can pass all necessary information on to the client as soon as possible.  In the event that we break or cause damage to your property during cleaning that has not been reported, a report must be submitted within 48 hours of the service. To submit a report send an email to info@signaturecleaning.ca with the following information:

What exactly was damaged.

What is the fair market value of the damaged item.

Photos showing the damage on the said item.

Unfortunately, if a report is not filed within 48 hours of the date of service we will be unable to file a claim and thus cannot pay, or fix, or refund for damages caused.


 Termination of Services: Service may be terminated at any time by either party for any reason.  At least 2 full business days’ advance notice is required to cancel services, or the late cancellation fee will apply.


Non-Solicitation Agreement:  During the course of the agreement the client shall not solicit employment from any Signature Cleaning employee.  In the case of termination of this agreement, the client shall not solicit employment of any Signature Cleaning employee for the duration of a 12 month period. Violation of the non-solicitation agreement will result in a $2,500 Recruitment and Training fee charged to the client, to be paid in full upon request.



Welcome to Signature Cleaning Services, we look forward to a long and vibrant relationship with you!