From the Clean Eating Kitchen: Mahi Mahi En Papillote

Mahi Mahi En Papillote

It doesn’t get any easier than this Folks! Clean Eating and barely any dishes. Total WIN, and the possibilities are endless. My favorite White Fish is Mahi Mahi, it is mild and takes on flavor beautifully, and let’s face it – It’s fun to say: Mahi Mahi Mah ho ho ho . (You can thank Disney for that)

A 4 ounce piece of Mahi Mahi is about:

100 Calories ( Now you know I don’t count those) 18.5 grams of Protein 1 gram of Fat 15 mg of Calcium 1.3 grams of Iron 143 mg of Phosphorous 416 mg of Potassium AND 180 IU of Vitamin A Add the veggies to this and you get a variety of vites to fuel your next mission. If you are not a seafood lover, but would like to be, this is a GREAT fish to start with. <Not too fishy>

For this you need:

Mahi Mahi Fillets Orange or Lemon Slices Lemon Juice Crushed Garlic (I’m thinking roasted would be better here, but I was lazy.) Fresh Herbs – Any kind your heart fancies – I am wild over Fresh Oregano Sprigs and Parley Asparagus Sweet Potatoes – Very thinly sliced – I use a mandolin. Sliced Red Onions or chopped Green Onions (Green is better I believe) Sea Salt Freshly Ground Pepper Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags That’s it!

Why I LOVE the parchment bag:

I am terrible at folding things nicely <except laundry>, so it’s perfect for me, fill close bake. NO BRAINER and no fancy paper folding needed. Here we go—–>

Preheat your Oven about 350 degrees or more (doesn’t really matter)

Open your parchment bag and stack:

Your serving of sweet potato – whatever that is for you, the asparagus – any which way.  Are you getting this? You really cannot mess this up! Then slap on the Mahi Mahi, and top with your onions, citrus slices, fresh herbs, a splash of lemon juice, garlic then salt and pepper.

TIP: Put your salt and pepper in a little dish. Pinch and Throw.

You are a Chef Magnifique!

Close up the bags. You CAN fold them nicely, but I just scrunch them up. No need to fuss here. Place them on a baking pan, <you don’t want to dirty your oven do you?> Then toss them into that hot wanting oven. Bake until the fish flakes nicely and the veggies are tender.  Go ahead – Open the bag (Noone’s gonna die!)

Just remember it would be a RUINATION if you baked it to the point where your asparagus lost it’s green lustre – so don’t over do it.  You want vibrant vegetables NOT soggy shlop.