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Hi, I’m Joanna, the founder and director of Signature Cleaning Services. The tale of my cleaning journey began in 1999 in the quiet neighborhood of Linden Woods with only three customers and a set of tools that could fit in the trunk of my car.
It wasn’t long before I fell in love with my new job; making spaces sparkle and seeing my customers brimming with joy reinforced my dedication, turning it into a calling. Before I knew it, the calling turned into a full-fledged Vision.

What started as a minimalistic cleaning venture, soon grew into something much greater. Signature Cleaning was born – a residential and commercial cleaning company, dedicated to providing top-notch solutions worthy of my customers’ trust and hard-earned dollars.


The word of our accolades spread like wildfire throughout the region. Our customer base grew so fast that I had to enlist several friends to assist me part-time. At this point, my priority became ensuring that service quality always meets and exceeds clients’ expectations.


I developed the Signature Wash-Dry-Shine Method and the Cleaning Work Flow – unique procedures that guarantee our services meet the highest consistency and quality standards, earning recognition from clients and industry authorities alike.


My phone BLEW UP! I hired and trained employees who I felt shared many of the values I had, and read a million books on management, culture, being OK with being the Boss, communication, and every topic that I needed to make Signature a great place to be.


I knew it started with ME! I am STILL doing this – 25 years in. We are proud to be the Employer of Choice in the Residential Cleaning Industry in Winnipeg. Every day, I felt a personal responsibility for every single household or office clean. Even now, after a full 25 years in business, that sentiment remains each time I see one of my teams roll out in the morning.


Our entire business model is centered around two very simple objectives:


1. Make Signature a GREAT place to work.


2. Provide excellent cleaning and a service experience worthy of a WOW.


Joanna and Rachelle at Staff Awards Dinner

Joanna and Rachelle at Staff Awards Dinner


Fast Forward to 2015, I had 7 teams and was in desperate need of someone to take care of the HR so I can continue to put my heart into innovation and making Signature better. Introducing Rach Fedora, my sister who has a background in HR. She left her job in management at CityTV and joined me for a one year term. Because you know: sisters. It would either be totally awesome, or really bad. A year passed and not one fight. Who knew we would be like the Dynamic Duo. Do we have Pink Capes? Maybe. Not telling. She is now Partner on this adventure and we are continuing to rack up the “Slam Dunks” and High Fives!


There is so much awesome around here. In 2018 we not only reached, but far surpassed the 1 Million Dollar Milestone, and I won the WBOM Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award! I LOVE my job, am in LOVE with Signature and adore all the people who invest every day into making my vision come to life.


With Gratitude,
Joanna Saucier