From Clean Kitchen Lasagna

Who doesn’t LOVE a great Lasagna??

Whenever I think of Lasagna I think of Elaine from Seinfeld, sitting on an airplane sarcastically referring to the boring passenger next to her as “Vegetable Lasagna.” Funny.

That sends to me Steve Martin in My Blue heaven, disgusted that the lady at the grocery store does not know what arugula is.

It’s a Ve-ge-table, in a weak weak Italian accent. Also quite funny.

Anyways about the Lasagna………….

Now, I am not trained in the art of culinary flair, however, I can pump out a mean lasagna.

Again I am not a recipe kind of girl, I just do it as I see it. This is how I saw it today.

Strap on your apron and follow me.

Step 1: The Sauce

This is where it all starts, but first a little friendly tip: Clean your workspace as you go. It’s best to clean after each step.

A whole lot of chopped onions, garlic and fresh tomato sauce.

Cook it up in a bit of EVOO, then add the sauce, a bit of sea salt, bring to a boil then simmer.

Clean your knife, cutting board and counter. 🙂

 Step 2: The Mini Meatball

I love to use any combo of ground bison, elk and moose.

In a bowl I added ground rolled oats, crushed garlic, egg whites, parsley, salt, pepper and a bit of molasses. (the molasses take it from good to great.)

Mix with the meat and in a little bit of EVOO, cook batches of little mini meatballs, adding them to the sauce as you go.

I am a little impatient on this step and my last batch of meatballs are usually twice as big as the first batch.

Oh well. Still Yummy.

Add it all together and add sea salt to taste. Simmer.

Clean your big bowl, meatball pan and your garlic press now. 🙂 You’ll be glad you did.

Step 4: The Noodles

This is the fun part.

TheWhite Egg Noodle, the Green Spinach noodle , and the Red Tomato Noodle. Think Italian Flag. 🙂

This is easy, egg, flour, EVOO, salt.

I’ve done it with spelt, I’ve done it in sesame, get creative, you really can’t mess this up.

For the Green noodle add pureed spinach, for the Red noodle, add tomato paste.

A dozen eggs later and:

Now it’s time to get rolling…

It’s OK to make a mess. You’ll clean it up straight away… right?

On #1 until nice and smooth then # 3, then #5.

To clean: scrape the table or counter with a flat nylon scraper and wash with soap and water then rub dry (preferably with a soft microfiber cloth).

You might want to sweep or run the vacuum quickly too. I hate stepping on crumbs and having dirty socks.

Boil the noodles in batches, plunge in cold water so they are easy to handle, then pat them dry.

Step 4: The Center

I always put something extra good in the middle of the layers, this time it was:

Ricotta, Parsley, Spinach, grated carrots all mixed together with eggs.

Step 5: Assembly

Layer sauce, noodles, sauce, mozza, parm, noodles,sauce mozza, parm,noodles, center, noodles…..blah blah blah, you get the point.  End off with sauce, mozza, parm.

Step 6: Bake

Bake at 350 – 375 degrees until hot straight through. I never time it but it should look like this:

Now all you have to do is a quick little clean up, pour yourself a glass of red, put your feet up and ENJOY!