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With our top-notch cleaning services in St. Andrews, we offer a solution to your worries about home cleanliness. Whether you need regular house cleaning, a deep clean or you want to put your home cleaning on auto-pilot with a recurring schedule, we’ve got you covered!  And if you’re just getting ready to move in or move out of your space, our cleaning services can prepare it for its new chapter so you can focus on your new chapter! You can trust Signature Cleaning Services to bring out the shine in your living space.

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Our team, the heart and soul behind our sparkle, boasts experts meticulously trained in and wholly dedicated to housekeeping. They arrive at every job well-armed: high quality professional grade vacuums, quality supplies, and our Signature Wash-Dry-Shine method in hand, all aimed at securing your victory over dust and grime. Pair this with a booking portal that’s as smooth as your countertops will be, and you’ve got a residential cleaning service in St. Andrews that’s as reliable as it is thorough.

Why our cleaning services are the talk of the town

We’ve crafted more than just spotless homes, we’ve built a legacy of excellence. Here’s what makes our cleaning company stand out in St. Andrews and beyond:


Years in business


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We’re bringing the best in house cleaning straight to you

Promise of quality

Our Quality Assurance Program ensures excellence is not just a goal but a guarantee with each cleaning service we deliver in St. Andrews.

Guaranteed safety

Sleep soundly knowing our comprehensive insurance and bonding cover every house cleaning. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Timely solutions

Our commitment to punctuality shines through with a 99% Reliability Rate. Expect nothing less than for us to be there on your scheduled day.

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Hassle-free payment

Our online portal transforms payments from a chore into a breeze. Secure, swift, and card-only, it simplifies your life with every transaction.

Signature method

Our Signature Wash-Dry-Shine method is not just a routine, it’s a triple-layered promise to treat every surface with attention.

Advanced vacuums

Our state-of-the-art vacuums replace traditional methods, offering a gentle touch that protects your floors and brushes your carpets with each visit.

Banishing germs

We use color-coded, freshly steamed microfiber cloths for each house cleaning. This approach leaves no room for germs or cross-contamination.

Promised satisfaction

Our goal is not just to tidy up, but to leave you in awe of the results and we’ll follow up to make sure you are wildly happy with your home cleaning.

Explore our selection of cleaning services in St. Andrews

Find out how our professional help can transform your home. We specialize in home cleaning designed to tackle every cleaning challenge:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a cleaner? 

The job of your maid service in St. Andrews is to make your space sparkle. To do that, they’ll cover a broad range of tasks tailored to what your residence needs and what you want. Whether it’s the usual spruce-up or diving deep into those neglected nooks and crannies, they’re there to ensure every inch of your place shines. And what about the specifics? They’ll align with your requests to guarantee an experience that leaves your living space feeling brand new.

Why should I hire a housekeeper? 

There are heaps of perks to having a professional handle your home cleaning in St. Andrews. Top of the list? They deliver amazing results every time, thanks to their mix of skills, speed, and know-how. Plus, they take housekeeping off your plate, freeing you up to do other things you want or need to. It’s a smart move for anyone looking to enjoy a spotless living space without lifting a finger.

How long does the average person take to clean their house? 

How long people need to clean their home can really depend. We’re talking about factors such as the home’s size, layout, number of occupants, and whether children or pets live there. Each situation demands a unique level of upkeep. On average, a standard tidy-up could take a few hours, but this timeframe shortens significantly when professional maid services in St. Andrews step in. Experts work much more swiftly and efficiently than an average person, and with their help, you can expect things to happen much faster.

Should you leave the house when the cleaners come? 

You’re welcome to stay in or head out, it’s entirely up to you. Some people like to stay, whether to carry on with their day, provide specific instructions, or simply oversee the process. Others prefer to leave, using this time as a perfect chance to grab lunch with friends, take a relaxing walk in River Road Provincial Park, or anything else. It’s just important to communicate with your chosen cleaning service and ensure they have secure access to your place and enough space to work efficiently.

Where can I book high-quality house cleaning near me in St. Andrews & beyond? 

Rediscover the joy of a spotless home with Signature Cleaning and the exceptional maid services we offer in St. Andrews and beyond. Our amazing team, equipped with the finest tools, is ready to make every inch of your residence sparkle and give you back your hours of free time.

And if you’re searching for dependable house cleaners in Headingley, or if you need comprehensive cleaning services in North Kildonan, expert help with housekeeping in West St. Paul, or anywhere else in the area, we’ve got you covered. Our reliable home cleaning services are just a call away, ready to meet your every need with precision and dedication.