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Here at Signature Cleaning Service, we understand that moving is more than a simple address change; it is a new beginning and it should be enjoyable, exciting, and, above all, stress-free. With the help of our award-winning team from Winnipeg and their prowess in move-in/move-out cleaning, that’s how it will be! As an industry leader with more than two decades of experience and an A+ BBB-accredited business, we’re here to take the burden of home cleaning off of your back and ensure that your relocation is a smooth, satisfying, and relaxed experience.

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Expert move in/out cleaning for a tranquil transition

The secret to why we’re Winnipeg’s go-to choice when it comes to move-in and move-out cleaning lies in our signature Wash-Dry-Shine method. By combining the innovation and precision of modern technologies with the flexibility and reliability of a client-centered approach, we’ve devised a procedure that ensures consistently excellent results.

Honed and perfected over 24+ years, Wash-Dry-Shine method of move in/out cleaning empowers our experts with the ability to infuse living spaces with cleanliness and positive energy with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Plus, our relocation upkeep service includes some convenient add-ons you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Inside cupboards and drawers
  • Inside fridges
  • Oven cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Baseboards, door frames, windowsills and moldings

Why choose us to perform your move-in/move-out cleaning

Wondering why we have more 5-star Google reviews than any other move-in/out cleaning company in the Winnipeg region? Here are just a few reasons:


Years in the industry


Homes cleaned per month


Satisfaction rating


Transparency & honesty

Discover the benefits of our move-in and move-out cleaning service

Commitment to quality

We place great emphasis on the quality of our move-in/out cleaning, ensuring it’s always up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Bonded & insured

Your safety is our priority. We go to great lengths to ensure every single member of our team is stringently vetted, as well as insured and bonded.

99% reliability rate

Our flexibility, punctuality, and efficiency make us the most reliable cleaning service in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities.

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Cashless payment

Enjoy the convenience of cashless payments, the ability to review invoices, and manage your payment methods on-the-go.

Signature method

Our revolutionary Signature Wash-Dry-Shine Method ensures top-quality results in record time, infusing your home with utmost freshness.

Vacuum powered

Our team uses industrial-grade, high-power vacuum cleaners that are merciless on the dust while keeping your hardwood floors and furniture safe.

No cross contamination

We use a separate set of microfiber cloths for each Winnipeg home, to minimize the possibility of bringing outside germs into your living space.

Satisfaction guarantee

We’re confident in the abilities of our move-in and move-out cleaning crews, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work.

Ongoing cleanliness for your home

Looking for a reliable way to maintain a healthy, tidy, and cozy living environment after your relocation? We have exactly what you need:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between standard clean and move-out clean? 

Standard cleaning typically focuses on maintaining the cleanliness of a home, usually on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In comparison, move-out cleaning is a much more detailed service. It often encompasses standard cleaning tasks but also includes removing accumulated dirt, grime, and debris left behind by previous tenants.

What is a move-out clean? 

Move-out cleaning is a specialized service designed to aid individuals who are vacating their residences in Winnipeg. As a variation of deep cleaning service, this one is also characterized by a comprehensive and meticulous approach. By addressing areas that are often neglected during regular maintenance and removing all traces of previous tenants, move-out cleaning ensures that the property is ready for new occupants.

What does a move-in clean include? 

Move-in cleaning includes everything you need to begin your life in a new home on a high note. Typically, this entails:

  • Thorough dusting (high and low);
  • Washing baseboards, door frames, windowsills and moldings
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors;
  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces and exterior of appliances;
  • Washing inside all cabinets and drawers;
  • Disinfection of high-touch surfaces/areas;
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms.

Do note that the above is by no means a comprehensive list. Move-in cleaning Winnipeg companies can offer different sets of tasks, as well as a diverse range of add-ons (e.g. furnace room cleaning or window washing). For these reasons, it is advisable to communicate your needs and preferences to a provider beforehand, thereby ensuring their services match your requirements.

Should I clean the apartment before moving in? 

Absolutely! Having Winnipeg professionals do a thorough move-in cleaning is always a wise choice. It ensures that your new living environment is hygienic, healthy, and in line with your specific cleanliness standards.

Where do I find experts in move-in/move-out cleaning near me in Winnipeg & surrounding areas? 

With 24+ years of experience, a stellar track record, and proven performance, Signature Cleaning Service is the most reliable partner you’ll find on either side of Assiniboine or Red River. Whether you’re moving into a new home or bidding farewell to the current one, we’re here to ensure your relocation amounts to a truly fresh start.

Our services are available throughout the Winnipeg area and beyond, so you can count on us for:

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