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Signature Cleaning Services is West St. Paul’s cleaning company of choice thanks to our undeniable quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. For more than twenty years, our maid services have provided a blend of reliability, flexibility, and adaptability. We ensure your home receives the highest standards of care while staying true to your needs and lifestyle. With us, you’re getting more than a proficient cleaning crew; you’re getting a partner devoted to preserving your free time, energy, and nerves so you can live your life as you’re meant to – savoring every moment.

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Our Signature Sparkle methods always achieve - more

The main reason our cleaning services are so extensively sought-after lies in our signature Wash-Dry-Shine technique. Devised for and unique to our cleaning company, this methodology surpasses the results achieved by standard spray-wipe efforts, creating a pristine living environment where you and your loved ones can thrive. Combined with the fully customizable nature of our maid services in West St. Paul and a diverse range of solutions, you can look forward to a beautiful, healthy, and safe space every time.

Discover why we’re the preferred residential cleaning service in West St. Paul

We have more 5-star reviews than any other cleaning company in the region. Here’s why our name inspires such confidence:


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Explore the benefits our maid services offer

Committed to quality

We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards. That’s why our tools, methods, and knowledge undergo regular updates.

Bonded & insured

We ensure your peace of mind. Each member of our maid service is selected for their high integrity, in addition to being fully insured and bonded.

99% reliability rate

When we commit, we commit fully. Our house cleaning team will arrive at your West St. Paul residence on time and prepared to get the job done.

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Cashless payment

With us, you can expect convenience on all fronts. Now you can review your invoices and manage payments online, through our user-friendly portal.

Signature method

Results we deliver will surpass your expectations. Our Wash-Dry-Shine method is designed to enhance every aspect of home cleaning.

Vacuum powered

Our cleaners use high-power, professional-grade vacuums. We abolish dust and dirt, without risking the well-being of your belongings or property.

Zero cross contamination

We’ll never bring other people’s germs to your home. Each cleaning job uses a different set of color-coded cloths to avoid cross-contamination.

Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. In case we miss a spot, simply contact us through our feedback service, and we’ll have someone over to remedy the issue.

Specialized cleaning service for your specific needs

We boast a comprehensive array of residential cleaning services, fit for a diverse range of situations and properties:

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House Cleaning Services

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Move-in & move-out cleaning

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Post-construction cleaning

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Commercial office cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do housekeepers take to clean a house? 

The amount of time necessary for comprehensive cleaning will depend on several factors, including:

  • Size of the space and number of bathrooms;
  • Initial levels of cleanliness;
  • Number of occupants + presence of pets;
  • Amount of traffic;
  • Scope of cleaning needed;
  • Expertise and preparedness of cleaners.

By asking a few simple questions, Signature Cleaning Services can provide an estimate of time required to clean your home based on 25 years of providing residential cleaning service in West St. Paul.

Do you stay in when the cleaner comes? 

It is entirely up to your preference. If you’d rather go for a round of fishing at the Red River than watch cleaners zoom through your home – you can! As long as your maid service can access the premises upon arrival and secure them upon departure, you can freely go about your business.

How do house cleaners clean so fast? 

The short answer to this question would be training, experience, and equipment.

  • First, cleaners are trained professionals. Their extensive insight into effective cleaning strategies renders them capable of speeding up every aspect of house cleaning.
  • Second, even a fresh maid cleans more in a week than an average person does in three months. This wealth of experience translates directly into skill, which translates into housekeeping speed;
  • Third, cleaning companies in West St. Paul equip their personnel with professional-grade supplies and tools, that are typically much more effective than what you can find in your local store.

The combination of these three factors enables professionals to clean extremely fast, without sacrificing the quality of the work in the process.

What does a residential clean include? 

In most cases, residential cleaning includes activities such as:

  • Dusting high and low;
  • Vacuuming all carpets and floors, mopping hard surface floors.
  • Kitchen cleaning (washing baseboards, wiping surfaces, cleaning appliances, etc.)
  • Bathroom cleaning (sanitizing sinks, bathtubs, toilets; wiping surfaces and cabinetry;)
  • Emptying trash cans.

However, do note that every cleaning service in West St. Paul has its own program and add-ons, which is why you should always communicate your preferences beforehand. That way, you’ll ensure a thorough job that will leave you satisfied.

Who performs expert house cleaning near me in West St. Paul? 

For 25+ years, we have been the preferred cleaning company in West St. Paul and nearby communities. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a super-efficient Wash-Dry-Shine method, we bring cleanliness of the highest order each and every time.

Our services are available throughout the Winnipeg Metro Region, so whether you desire recurring housekeeping in Tuxedo, high-quality home cleanings in Oakbank, top-notch apartment cleaning in Cooks Creek, meticulous maid service in Grande Pointe, move-in/out cleaning in Linden Woods, or post-construction cleanup in East St. Paul, we’ll respond to your request promptly and professionally. Get in touch with us today and see why we’re the best-rated cleaning service in the region!