Nominated Top Home Cleaning Company in Winnipeg

It’s always exciting to be nominated top anything let alone Top Home Cleaning Company in Winnipeg! It’s been an incredible 2017. Thank you Winnipeg for your continued support and LOVE! This year we executed so many exciting initiatives that will undoubtable propel us into a very good 2018!  Here’s a great list for starters:
We got a fleet of cars

Aren’t they cute?  Why did we do this? #1 Reason: Our staff. One of the main pain points expressed by our valued employees was wear and tear on their vehicle. Above all else they wanted cars. It thrills us to see how proud they are to drive them.  #2 Reason: Aren’t they cute?

Employee Benefits

We have wanted to do this forever! I’m sure our early employees can remember us talking about this all the way back in 2007! It’s always been part of the vision and we are now thrilled to be in a position to offer our pumped up Manulife Plan to them.


New Quality Assurance Program

We developed a new program that’s more than just Quality Checks that has taken the level of accountability to the next level and enabled us to deliver on our promise to always improve and offer Excellence Every Time.

We Exhibited!

The Winnipeg Home and Garden Show and the Winnipeg Pet Show were so much fun! What a great reminder of how much we love our Winnipeg.

We Need Your VOTE to take this Award Home for 2018!

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Top Home Cleaning Company in Winnipeg 2018