Fresh Color Coded Cloths

by | Dec 9, 2017 | Why Choose Us? | 0 comments

We hear many questions from those looking to hire a Professional Winnipeg Maid Service. Most frequently asked is:


What will you use to clean my home and how can I be sure there will be no cross contamination from my bathroom to my kitchen or worse from another house? 


Valid question.


At Signature Cleaning Services we feel that the best way to ensure our customers get the very best is to provide our teams with the highest quality supplies and this includes our microfiber cloths. We have chosen a microfiber cloth that is used in hospitals across North America. They cost more, but we feel our customers and our teams are worth it, and the results speak for themselves. It’s just another way we strive to be the best and deliver the best.



We send a fresh color coded set of cloths into every customer’s home. They are prepared in our office and laundered every day in our Steam Washer. They’re color coded for task, so that a bathroom cloth NEVER hits your kitchen.



New to our “Rag Bags” are the microfiber duster. Tomorrow we retire the Lambswool duster after many years of faithful service, Marge, as she is affectionately called (after Marge Simpson) has done her duty and it’s time to move on up! Now each home will have a fresh clean microfiber duster head, which will also be laundered along with our cloths. We are pretty excited about this change because now we can be even more confident that we are preventing cross contamination.  It was the last missing piece in our Professional Home Cleaning Kit! Now we only need to come up with a nickname…


Thanks for reading our little brag bit. To get your instant price for home cleaning visit our Booking Page today or call our Signature Cleaning Services office 204-779-3600