Pet Friendly Cleaners

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Around Here, Why Choose Us? |

Pet Friendly Cleaners at The Winnipeg Pet Show 2017

Signature Cleaning Services was so happy to be an exhibitor at the 2017 Winnipeg Pet Show. It certainly was hard to work when there were so many cute pups around. Thank you so much Winnipeg Pet Lovers for visiting our booth and chatting with us about having pet friendly cleaners in your home.


The number one question we were asked was:


Question: Is it a problem if my pets are loose in the house?



Answer: We have Pet Friendly Cleaners, so unless you expect your pet to be aggressive, our team has no problem with loose animals in the house. It just usually means we have to hide our dusters!

We had a FREE CLEAN GIVEAWAY and Congratulate our winner: Loretta Martin!



We ROCKED our booth setup, pink carpet and all! Can you believe it ALL fit in that little car! The pink car was a hit with all the little children. So parents don’t be surprised if your kids start pointing them out on the road! Why not make it into a little “I Spy” game. You’re welcome. 😉