Is it a real house cleaning service?

If you google “home cleaning services winnipeg” you are guaranteed to come up with a bunch of websites “selling” maid service.
Would you be shocked to know that not all listed are actual home cleaning services, but only websites created by web designers to extract your information so that they can turn around and sell it to individuals looking to clean under the table?


So here is your handy list of ways to tell if a website is an actual home cleaning service business or just a website making money off of your contact information.


  • They rank really high on the search and they have no online feedback or reviews anywhere.


  • They do not post their physical address anywhere on the website and their phone number says this: We’re sorry the number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and try your call again… BUT they want you to fill out their online form.


  • You are local and you’ve NEVER heard of them. They are not on Facebook and none of your Winnipeg friends have ever hired house cleaning services from them.


  • If you can’t resist and you actually DO fill out their online form, you get an email saying “We’ve sold all our clientele to this OTHER house cleaning company… (also a company you’ve never heard of.) Could it BE another website development company? and the cycle continues… FUN right? And last but not least:


  • They only sell service by the hour. Because how could they ever know how long it takes to clean a house…. they build websites.


So when you are in the market for Great Winnipeg House Cleaning Services: Hire the ones you can TRUST! We are More than just a fancy website. We clean for your neighbor down the street and chances are: you know several of our loyal customers. Check out our customer testimonials here: Go Team Signature


Call us, hire us and LOVE us.


Updated: Back in early 2005, this was a real problem for us and other legitimate home cleaning companies trying to carve out a living for ourselves by being reputable in Winnipeg. But the internet has gotten a LOT smarter and this article seems almost comical now. I thought of deleting it but it is part of our history and the struggles we had to overcome to get to where we are today. We still hold true to the idea that your first contact with a company should be positive and transparent and that anything less than that should be a red flag for you. We think of this when our forms break or when we accidentally send an automated sales email to someone already on the schedule. Yeah that happens. Thanks for reading!

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