5 Tips for Creating a Home Command Center

What’s a home command center, you ask?  … Well, I’m sure glad you asked!  (I said that in my best late-night infomercial voice.)

You could think of your home command center as a household mission control center.  All you do is designate a convenient location for a calendar, bulletin board, grocery list, and mail.  It also has a cubby and hook set for every member of your household.  The calendar is a great way for everyone to see at a glance what’s going on for the entire month, and bulletin boards are perfect for permission slips and report cards that need a signature.  

Imagine knowing where your car keys are at all times, plus the added benefit of not having to hear anyone say, “Hey mom, where’s my ___________?”  

5 Tips to keep the space functional:

  1. Make a place for everything that belongs in the command center, and make sure that it doesn’t become a catchall for junk.  Keep the rule clear that this is only for certain items, and keep it off limits for everything else.  
  1. Let the space evolve with your lifestyle.  If you don’t have time to coupon anymore, clear out the couponing binder and make room for something else.  
  1. If you notice that one member of your family has shelves that fill up faster than others, figure out what the main culprit is and stay on top of it.
  1. Take advantage of both high and low space.  High areas are a great place to store items that you don’t use as often, but really need to be in the command center.  Lower areas are perfect for shoes and sports equipment.  
  1. Add a “clear out” date to your calendar.  Don’t forget to clear things out periodically so you don’t end up cluttering up the space.  At least once a month you should go through the bins, baskets, and hooks to make sure that everything is where it should be.  This is also a great time to switch out the calendar to keep it current.

A home command center is just one great way to keep your family organized and on track.  Once you have tackled the organization aspect, consider hiring a Manitoba cleaning service to handle the down and dirty cleaning for you!  

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Do you have a command center in your home?  Leave us a comment to let us know how it keeps your household running smoothly!