5 Easy Natural Cleaning Tips

A clean home doesn’t require harsh chemical cleaning agents. There are many low-cost cleaning agents that will leave your home sparkling and shiny without abrasive and unnatural cleaning solutions. So, ditch the chemicals and enjoy a clean and natural home with these five tips from your favorite Winnipeg Home Cleaners.


1. Baking Soda or Bust


Baking soda can be used as everything from a patio scrub to a laundry deodorizer to a toothbrush cleaner. This common household staple can also be used as a paste (mixed with a little water) for grimy countertop surfaces, tiles and flooring.


2. White Vinegar Wonder


Perfect for cutting through heavy grease stains, white vinegar is an ideal item for any cleaning caddy. Left to sit and soak, white vinegar can remove bathroom mildew or make windows clear and streak-free. No time to get that bathroom sparkling? Our Winnipeg Maid Service will have your bathroom looking clean and polished in no time.


3. Lovely Lemon


Highly astringent and antibacterial, lemon can be one of the most powerful dirt fighting agents. Battling bacteria, lemon juice as well as lemon essential oils can effectively clean sinks, counters and disposals. In addition, lemon can be used to clean cutting boards, tackle grout and remove rust.


4. Cornstarch Crazy


Carpets have met their match when it comes to cornstarch; this simple baking ingredient can be used on stains and vacuumed away. Cornstarch can also be used to polish silver (when mixed with water) as well as clean leather.


5. Essential Oils


It’s quite easy to find therapeutic-grade essential oils, which can kill bacteria and mold. Use essential oils on scuffed floors, shower doors or windows. For floors try tea tree oil, for shower doors try lemon oil and for windows use lavender and lemongrass with water.


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