Comparing Hourly Rates of Pay for Home Cleaners in Winnipeg

Comparing Hourly Rates of Pay for Employees in the Home Cleaning Industry in Winnipeg

You’ve heard the saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Never has this been more true than in the advertised rates of pay in the home service industry. In light of that, here are a list of questions you need to ask when comparing hourly rates of pay in the home cleaning industry in Winnipeg. Getting the answers to these vital questions will help you be informed in your job hunt and/or empowered by your rights as an employee.


This article is not discussing independent contractor models. For more information on whether or not you are an employee or a sub-contractor read this blog article.


The Questions to Ask:


show me the money​ Are there any circumstances where the advertised hourly rate will be docked? Am I guaranteed to make the advertised hourly rate for all hours worked?


show me the money What do you consider working hours? Will I have to do any driving or preparation off the clock? (printing work orders, washing cloths, delivering payments to the office)


show me the money Is drive time paid, and is it at the same advertised hourly rate of pay?


show me the money If I have to use my own car, will I get a mileage reimbursement for the wear and tear on my vehicle? If so, how is that calculated?


show me the money If a customer has a concern that requires a recall for service, will I be paid for the time required to perform it and will it be at the advertised hourly rate of pay?


show me the money If a company vehicle is provided, who pays for fuel, oil changes, maintenance and parking? Who pays for the deductible in the event of an accident?



Your basic rights as an Employee.


show me the money The hourly rate of pay an employer advertises in the recruiting and interview process is the rate you are entitled to for all hours worked.


show me the money An employer cannot dock your pay for performance. Employment Standards Regulation stipulates in The Employment Standards Code under Restrictions on deduction from wages section 19(2)5


No deduction for faulty work or damage


5. An employer must not deduct any amount to cover any cost or loss arising from faulty work of the employee or damage caused by the employee”


No. You cannot have your hourly rate docked for quality or work performance, nor can you be required to pay insurance deductibles for damage or accidents.


show me the money When transporting supplies or other employees, your travel time is considered work time.The Government of Canada defines work hours in the Canada Labour Code Part III – Division I -802 – 1 -IPG -002. It states

“When considering whether travel time is work, the following principles should be taken in to account:

– Whether the travel is an integral part of the job;

– The degree of direction and control exerted by the employer

– Responsibility for the employer’s vehicle and/or equipment during travel.”


It also states:

“Travel time should be considered work in the following cases:

– If the employee takes the company vehicle home in the evening for the employer’s convenience;

– If the employee is required to transport other staff or supplies to or from the workplace or work site; and

– If the employee has a usual work place but is required to travel to another location to perform work.

– If the employee is required to travel to different sites to carry out his functions…”

So, if you are transporting equipment, paperwork, keys etc. from your home to the job site and these items are necessary for the completion of the job assigned to you, then this time could be considered work time for which you are entitled to be paid.


If you are uncertain about your rights as an employee, contact Manitoba Employment Standards. 204-945-3352 or toll-free 1-800-821-4307. Be prepared with a log of all hours worked including travel time.


In Conclusion: Not all advertised hourly rates of pay in the home cleaning industry can be compared at face value.


At Signature Cleaning Services, our advertised hourly rate of pay is guaranteed. It is not dependent on job performance nor will it be docked for any reason. We dispatch all our teams from our office in the morning and all time to travel to the first job and all other jobs, including the travel back to the office is paid work time at our advertised hourly rate of pay.


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