2017 Signature Peer Awards

A sincere CONGRATULATIONS to all our 2017 Signature Peer Award Winners and to all the nominees. Your hard work and efforts do not go unnoticed and we are proud to have you as part of our Signature Family!

Joanna & Rachelle

Presented to:


Marie-Cecile Alvarez




Most Sparkling Personality

and Bubbly Attitude


What Marie’s peers had to say about her:

“always smiling and always has something positive to say”
“always happy”
“always positive and cheerful’

Presented to:


Kara Reede




Perseverance and

Willingness to put in the

Hard Work


What Kara’s peers had to say about her:

“always up for a hard task, works long days and never complains”
“always works hard and cares about doing a great job!”
“is reliable and on time every single day’

Presented to:


Mel Hubbard




Awesome Teamwork and

Collaborative Spirit


What Mel’s peers had to say about her:

“is welcoming and fun to work with”
“super friendly and always has a smile for everyone”
“gets along with everyone”

Presented to:


Tamara Glidden




Going Above & Beyond

to get the Job Done


What Tammy’s peers had to say about her:

“always striving for excellence in performance and customer satisfaction”
“works long hours and has great quality”
“manages to win over customers with a high level of service and quality”