Working or Playing

One who has mastered the art of living simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. -James Michener


Brilliant Mr. Michener, brilliant.  A wise person once said to me “If you love what you do, it shouldn’t feel like work.”  This is true.  Do YOU love your job?

Is there something preventing YOU from being excellent at your job?  I firmly believe that if you seek to be excellent at your work, you will like it more, you may even come to LOVE it. The old saying is true:  “you get out what you put in.” So do whatever it takes to be excellent at what you do, be an expert, read, research, and learn.  If I can be an expert in my field, certainly you can in yours.  See how long it takes people to notice your renewed zeal.  AND if you are saying to yourself “I hate my job, I just hate it.”  Then quit and carry on.  Feel stuck, get a Life Coach and carry on.  Just make sure you DO something.  Pain is inevitable, misery is optional, so find a job you love and master the art of living, or LOVE the job you’re in.

Let’s get this straight though, no matter how much you love your job, if it requires great physical exertion (like cleaning houses,) at the end of the day while you’re lying in bed, and your body hurts, it’s work, BUT if you LOVE the work, it is worth it.  Sweet pain.  Like a day at the gym.

At Signature Cleaning Services: Loving what you do is a job requirement. No Mud Minds Allowed.  You must be Sunny Side Up before entering this place. 😉

I’ve got clean eats on the plate, and a clean heart. Loving it.