6 questions for your potential housekeeper

6 questions to ask your potential housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper can be a time-consuming process. Background research, reading reviews, preparing questions and interviewing can take a great deal of time. After all, trusting anyone with your home and its possessions has to involve some level of comfort.

For anyone seeking to hire a housekeeping service, there are many important questions to ask—here we’ve rounded up some of the best questions for that potential maid service:

#1. Can I see a list of references and have contact information? Former clients/customers?

#2. How long have you been in business and how much experience do you have cleaning homes and businesses?

#3. Do you have your own cleaning supplies and equipment or do you need to have those provided?

#4. What services are included with your standard rate? How much do additional services cost (for example, laundry)?

#5. How can I communicate what services I want performed? How do I communicate expectations?

#6. What are your rates for various cleaning jobs and tasks? Biweekly, deep cleaning, etc?

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