5 ultra easy ways to keep your kitchen clean

1.) Tick Tock

Setting a kitchen timer for a fifteen-minute session is a great way to make cleaning the kitchen a manageable task. Make cleaning a fun game and see how much can be accomplished before the timer ding.

2.) Simplify

Cleaning a kitchen can be arduous if there’s lots of clutter. Organizing and clearing old mail, homework papers, bills and other non-kitchen items can help to make the daily dishes a far easier prospect.

3.) Dish Empty Dance

Keeping the dishwasher empty will speed along the process of cleaning after every meal. Keep the sink clean and stovetop clear by being able to load the dishwasher after every dining session.

4.) Subtract and Add

When going to the grocery store or after a farmer’s market visit or trip to a friend’s house for a casserole party, there will undoubtedly be new items coming into the fridge. In the case of new food items, it’s important to remove or eliminate old grub. Always remove leftovers or other old food before adding anything new.

5.) Dinner Chores

While making dinner and letting boiling water get to a roar or having lasagna baking in the oven, try and use the kitchen time wisely and have a plan of action for cleaning each time there’s a meal being prepared. For instance, every other night wipe down the fridge and clean the sink while baking or waiting for hot water for tea.

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