5 painless ways to keep your bathroom clean longer in winnipeg

Here are five tricks to keeping the bathroom fresh and clean for a longer period of time:

1.) H2-No

Coating shower doors and walls with a water repellent will stop soap scum, minerals and water from getting the upper hand. All the shower goop will pool and run off and make less scrubbing required.

2.) Minus Moisture

Stave off mildew stains by keeping showers dry and adding a squeegee for guests and family to use each time they bathe. Another idea? Open a window door or flip the exhaust on while showering to keep moisture at bay.

3.) Long-Lasting Cleaners

Certain cleaners on the market have cleaning properties that will keep bathtubs, toilets and sinks cleaner for longer and help prevent stains.  

4.) Disinfect Now

Disinfecting wipes can eradicate spills, stains and other spots before they become crusted and more difficult to clean. Stash a set of disinfecting wipes in the bathroom and wipe down any goo immediately after the incident.

5.) Soap Ban

A dirty soap dish will just become a magnet for grime and gunk. Trade that soap dish for another pump hand soap or better yet, invest in a hands-free soap dispenser.

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