5 easy ways to live like a minimalist

1.) Declutter Your Inbox

Most of the emails we receive are ads, spam and other promotions; should we really devote hours to reading or checking a bunch of sales emails? Now is the time to clear the spam, add filters and unsubscribe from this time draining and time wasting inbox filler.

2.) Pause Before Purchasing

Waiting a week or so before making any material buys is a great way to thwart an impulse purchase. If you know this gladiator sandals or that fishing boat will likely go unused in a season or so, it’s best to wait to buy.

3.) Environmental Sweep

Cleaning your home of excess will go a long way towards living more like a minimalist. If you’re hoarding old magazines, clothes or toys, you’ll never feel the freedom of a life unencumbered by stuff.

4.) Slower Dining

Grocery shopping more mindfully will prevent microwave meals from piling up in the freezer or decaying fruit from lining countertops. Also, eating at a slower pace will stop the mindless munchies.

5.) Donate 10 a Month

Every month, explore your closet and find 10 things that aren’t being used or you longer need. Take these 10 things and donate them to the nearest shelter or thrift store.

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