5 chores to do before departing on a summer vacation in winnipeg

If you’re preparing for a summer trip or a vacation later this year, here are five cleaning chores you should cross off your to do list before saying bon voyage:

1.) Sweet Dreams

Clean the sheets, wash the comforter and make the bed before departing on an adventure. Returning home to a freshly clean and made bed will make the transition back to regular life feel much easier.

2.) Trash Takeout

Remove the trash under the sink and clear any recyclables so the kitchen smells and feels clean upon returning from vacay.

3.) Dishwasher Distress

Relieve yourself of dishwasher distress by loading and unloading the dishwasher before departing. Hiring Signature Cleaning Services in Winnipeg is a great way to stay ahead of vacation cleaning tasks and to give your home sparkle and shine anytime of year. Get a residential cleaning quote here!

4.) Clutter Clearance

Remove any piles of clothes, stacks of mail, soda cans and other messy areas for a home that feels cozy and comfortable upon return.

5.) Bye Bye Bye Bathroom

Before bidding the bathroom adieu, wipe down any toothpaste dribbles, makeup smears and mirror splatter for a return to a relaxing oasis.